Why is a quick rebound the perfect way to get over a failed relationship

post breakup relationship

What is a rebound relationship?

There are some people who usually get into a romantic relationship soon after a breakup. Normally these are usually rush relationships because such people are usually not used to being alone. So they tend to substitute lost love for anyone that comes right along.

The problem with most people is: immediately after a breakup, they are not in a state good enough to make decisions about who the right person is. So some end up going from rebound to rebound. And they end up being emotionally unavailable and broken. Making it harder to get into a serious relationship with someone.

Not all rebound relationships are bad. There are those that end up turning into successful long-lasting relationships. The aim of this article is to show you how these kinds of relationships can be good for you when dealing with your breakup.

So what is a rebound relationship that can work?


The kind I am talking about here is a quick fling. A no strings attached kind of thing. Hell, you can even do the friends with benefits thing. The thing with such kind of sexual relationships with no responsibilities and no obligation can be beneficial to both parties. A quick rebound is often a good way mentally to prepare yourself for life after your break-up. 

The best way to go about it is to sit down with this person and lay down the expectations of the relationship. If its just sex when you want it, state that. If its just hanging out whenever you feel lonely… Just define the relationship clearly. This will save the other person from being hurt. Plus if they start getting too involved, they should have the freedom to walk away if you don’t feel the same way.

A rebound is a good way to ease yourself into being alone. If you used to live with your ex, then meet your fling say once a week. Keep increasing the time in between your meetings until you are no longer seeing each other.

Don’t limit yourself. If you meet someone you like right after your breakup, go out on a date with them. Let other people in. Let loose a little and have a little fun. It’s the easiest way to get over your ex.

So what is a rebound relationship that is bad?

This is the kind where you use the other person without letting them fully understand what you want out of the relationship. If you are not there to fall in love, tell your rebound partner. Don’t be reckless sexually. There are diseases and unwanted pregnancies to protect yourself from. You don’t want to get tied down to a relationship that you aren’t into it emotionally. Use protection!