Shit happens – moving on from a cheat experience.

lost trust

Cheat happens, right?

Lots of people have been cheated on. It’s a devastating place to be in especially if you are heavily invested in someone. At the same time, if you are madly in love with a person, it’s very heartbreaking.

Why do some people cheat?

People site various reasons in order to excuse their behavior. Some usually have the guts to even pin it on their spouses. Here are a few I have heard of:

1. You were emotionally unavailable

2. There was no chemistry between us

3. You stopped being sexy for me

4. I was drunk

5. It just happened

I could go on… But whatever the case, I would rather you leave your spouse than cheat on them. Infidelity scars the victim for life. It robs them of being able to trust again. So if you are having problems in your relationship, just work on them. Go for therapy. If it isn’t working out, talk about it and break up amicably.

Should you stay with your spouse after a cheat happens?

Hell NO!

The thing is, some people choose to stay because they have been guilt tripped by their spouses into blaming themselves. Others feel that they should stay because the kids are involved or because of the shame of divorce. Some hope that their spouse will change.

Don’t blame yourself or excuse their behavior. You need to ditch that person.

Unless you have an open relationship (which means its not cheating), when it comes to love, one needs to be faithful. That is one true test of a persons love. It shows that you love and care enough about the person not to want to hurt them. So you don’t need to stay with an unfaithful partner. It will happen again… and again…

When a cheat happens, it’s your cue to dump the person and find yourself somebody who will treat you with more respect. Yes, it will hurt. But once the trust is breached and lost, there is no coming back from that. You will always be wondering what he or she might be doing when you are not together. Don’t subject yourself to such torture. Embrace the failure as motivation to find someone better and move on.