Setting achievable new year goals is the key to completing them

New Year Goals

We all celebrate the new year as the beginning of a new period of life, its such a hopeful time for most of the people, people pray about a successful year and make new resolutions to achieve the greater hight of success.

Despite making a list of things that can be life changing, only a few people are able to keep up to their new year resolution. The biggest reason behind their failure to bring changes to life is a wrong selection of new year goals or setting the impractical goals.  

If you are someone who has made a resolution to lose 50 pounds this year then let me tell you one thing, you are probably not going to make it possible. Ahead, I am going to debunk the right techniques and tips for setting achievable goals.

Be Specific:

You have to stay specific about your new year goals. Clearly determine:  

  • what you want to achieve
  • when you want it to be achieved.
  • why you want it to achieve.

You will never be able to achieve your new year goal until you stay specific about them.

Measurable goals:

Measurable goals are good goals. People want to be happy but they don’t know how to measure the level of your happiness. Instead set up goals that make you happy, like getting promoted to new job profile, buying a new home, getting married, etc.

Keep it achievable:

Its very crucial to know your ability before you set up goals, setting up more ambitious goals lead to failure in most of the cases.

Microtask them

New year resolutions involve big goals that are hard to achieve but the only way you can achieve those big goals is to divide your goal into monthly goals and divide those monthly goals into daily tasks. Big goals are never achieved overnight, they are achieved with persistence and hardwork.

Tips: How to Microtask your goal? If you want to reduce 50 pounds next year.

  • Divide the task into 5 pounds every month.
  • Commit yourself to exercise on daily basis.
  • Eat clean
  • Avoid alcohol and processed food

Find a mentor

This is something only a few people concentrate about, a mentor is an expert who can help you achieve your goal in a much easy way.

Tip: how to find a mentor?

  • If your goal is to start a new business work under him as an intern.
  • if your goal is to lose weight then find a good gym trainer.
  • if your goal is to achieve peace and happiness then find a spiritual guru.