How to be productive at work when the colleague you like is showing you no love

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So there is this person you like at work. You have tried to make a pass at her. You have tried bringing her morning cup of coffee just to show her how much you dig her. But for some reason, they are not reciprocating. Maybe they feel you are just being nice. So you figure, why not be upfront and just ask her out. Only to be given an outright “No!” Ouch! She just isn’t feeling you. Awkward!

How to survive this awkwardness when a work crush rejects you?

So you have been rejected. She has probably told other colleagues that you tried to make a pass at her. So how do you face the office?

1. Immerse yourself at work

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This is one of the best survival tactics. Get busy. Let that crush see that it was not that serious. You tried, she rejected you, moving on… The thing with working is you separate yourself from that rejection. Working will also take your mind off the fact that you were rejected. Show them you don’t need them and they might just start showing interest.

2. Hang out with other friends at work to forget about the girl you like at work

Surrounding yourself with other people other than your crush is another way to go about it. do movies, go dancing… anything to take your mind off the rejection. These friends will encourage you. They will make you feel how you don’t need that person. plus they will be that shoulder to lean on. Open up and talk to them. Let them offer you some good advice. Who knows… they might also have friends from other social circles that they might hook you up with.

3. Do a hobby you enjoy

Seeking out activities you enjoy sooth the soul. So long as you are busy doing things you love, its only a matter of time before you forget the hurt you feel. The whole idea is to stay positive.

4. Put yourself out there

So, someone you like at work rejected you. Is it the end of the world? No! It’s time to dust yourself up and check out other people. Go to social events where you can meet single people and talk to them. Just because you were rejected this particular time doesn’t mean you are not good enough for someone else. Don’t give up. Soldier on!

Normally, work romantic relationships don’t work. Its all because it’s quite difficult to separate emotions from the work that needs to be done. A disagreement at work can cause a disagreement in your relationship. Look at it this way: Maybe it was a good thing that you were rejected. Maybe it wouldn’t have worked out after all.