Friends who use you are not friends at all

bad friends

Do you have friends who use you?

Friendship is something all people treasure. However, we need to choose our friends carefully.

There is some saying that the friends we have are for a season. But what happens if you have opportunistic friends who only show up when they need something? Or you find yourself with friends who are only interested in getting things out of the relationship for themselves? Well, it happens. But the moment you realize this, you need to do something. Ditch them!

Why you are better off without friends that milk you.

Financially you will better

There are friends who use you financially. Whenever they don’t have money for drinks or they are broke and want to borrow money from you, that’s the only time they call. And most of the time, such friends will always have an excuse not to repay you. If you realize that being with such friends is draining your bank account, its time to ditch them. 

It’s great for your self-esteem

Sometimes clinging to friends who are opportunists says a lot about our self-esteem. However, the moment you make a decision to cut them off, it will really be a great self-esteem boost because you will realize how better you are without them.

Ditching friends who use you will make you keep or make friends that really matter

The moment you stop wasting your energy on friends who are just ticks, your eyes will be opened to a whole new world. You will see clearly who your friends truly are. That way you will spend your energy cultivating friendships that really matter.

You will always feel appreciated

Great friendships should be both “give-and-take”. Relationships where you are always giving, are exhausting. However, there is nothing as great as feeling appreciated by a friend.