About LifeFails

Picking yourself up

woman embracing the sunshine on a lovely day

We all experience down times in life. Whether it be related to work, relationships, family problems or health problems, everyone experiences failure at some point. 

What is important is how you rebound from such failures. 

From our experiences, there are no failures that can’t be overcome providing you are ready to dust yourself off and try again. This is helped by people willing to offer advice and a community forum in which to raise your problems and to seek counsel on how to overcome these issues. That is where LifeFails fits in. 

My background

I’ll start by saying I have no medical expertise. My name is Jerome, I am African-American, 39 years of age and live in Boston. I am not a doctor, a shrink or a therapist. What I do have is experience in life dealing with a range of issues that I have encountered. I have been bullied at school, at work, and in the streets. I have experienced great loss. I have dealt with relationship breakdowns, been cheated on and had a marriage called off. There are many more failures I have experienced. 

What I have realized is that with each setback, the quicker I have bounced back the better. I have also realized that having good friends to share my problems with and an outlet to air my grievances have been key. That is where I hope this website can help. 

The goal of LifeFails

LifeFails is a blog designed to open the channels of communication to those who may need to vent about their issues and to seek advice, tips and read success stories on how such issues can be solved. 

The over-riding goal of this site is to help those who may need to get back on the feet and to share my (and others) knowledge in getting back on the horse with those who may be keen for some help. 

I hope you enjoy the site!